Green Building is a complex field that aims to reduce the impact of our buildings on the local and global environments, on our health, and to improve life for future generations.

We are trained in Green Building, including advanced certification from Build It Green. Seth has presented Green Building material locally and at international conferences and we are happy to offer advice and services to our customers. We have expertise working for those with extreme chemical sensitivities.

In our work we focus on four areas, each with diverse components.

Materials and Water Conservation
  • Promote renewable materials
  • Use engineered and FSC lumber
  • Fastidious detailing so that buildings last with less maintenance
  • Replace Portland cement with flyash
  • Recycle job site waste
  • Use recycled or reclaimed products
  • Water-efficient fixtures
  • Rainwater catchment

Energy Efficiency
  • Advanced insulation options
  • High-efficiency water heaters and furnaces
  • Careful routing of heating ducts
  • Solar hot water with radiant heat
  • PV – solar power
  • High-efficiency windows
  • Control fresh air sources

Healthy Houses
  • Avoid or reduce use of products containing toxic chemicals.
  • Careful selection of paints, flooring, cabinet finishes, sealers, sheet flooring, windows and insulation.
  • Proper ventilation of furnaces and heaters, or sealed-combustion appliances
  • Avoid possibility of negative air pressure back-drafting
  • Air-to-air heat exchangers for fresh air circulation

Devil's Creek, Big Sur, 2000

Waldorf School, El Sobrante 1998

Solar Panels, Oakland, 2002

Spirit in Building

Much of what Green Building stands for involves techniques and products; it strives to reduce harmful effects.

We believe there is also a place for the less tangible elements of spirit and life, that Green Building can mean magnifying that which is nuturing and whole. Homes that are alive in this way deepen our connections to our selves, to one another and to the larger world around us. The composition of elements - whether a beautiful view outside, natural materials inside, the combinations of color, texture, light, or proportions of spaces and passages - can heighten our senses and our experience of life.

We apply craftsmanship, love of nature, and intuition to bring these elements into our projects. We also can draw upon wisdom traditions such as geomancy, temple architecture and sacred geometry. Most of all, we believe that the attitude we bring to work every day - enthusiasm, integrity, respect, collaboration - affects the way a house will feel once we are done.

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