“I Love My Contractor!” That’s what I say whenever someone asks about my remodel and addition." PT Oakland

The art of running a successful construction project involves sincere listening, understanding our customer’s dreams and needs, clear communication about costs and schedules and what we can and cannot do, careful planning, and ultimately completing the work so that our customers are entirely pleased.

"Seth is just honest, funny, on time and on cost. He makes projects fun, and his team is just great. They are a pleasure to have around. I always miss them when the projects are over." - GB, Oakland

Our work comes through referrals by homeowners, architects and engineers who know us. We depend on positive outcomes for our success. This does not happen by accident. We apply skilled project management, we communicate regularly with all parties, we listen and adjust as the job progresses. We don’t stop until our work is completely done.

"Seth has integrity, was a clear communicator, and invested himself in the job. Throughout the process Seth worked with us to install "green" aspects of building which were within our means. We can recommend Master Builders without hesitation." - RA & JT, Emeryville

As in any major undertaking, challenges will arise in the course of a project. We do not pretend it will be otherwise. We offer our commitment to meet every situation head on. In doing so, the place becomes imbued with a sense of clarity and beauty.

"Your attention to detail is obvious. I particularly appreciate your keeping me informed throughout the process. Being an anxious absentee owner, I valued your regular communications and clear explanations of what was happening, and your guidance when decisions needed to be made." - SV, Oakland

We seek to imbue our projects with beauty. From the finest craftsmanship to systems such as Feng Shui, the goal is to make places that are vibrant and alive. We have found that the best way to accomplish this is by welcoming our customers into the construction process: not by having them do the actual work, but by inviting their creativity and imagination, by doing with our hands what they dream and envision. In the end, the place is alive with spirit - their spirit.

"We have done four different projects with Seth and each crew has been superb, very easy to work with and a pleasant presence in our house. The subcontractors have been professional and extremely competent. Without exception the jobs were completed on time and to our great satisfaction." - KC & BC, Berkeley

Wild Horse Valley Road, Napa, 2005

Cochrane Road, Oakland, 1993

San Mateo, 1988

Working with Design Professionals

While we emphasize the importance of relationship with our clients, we seek to establish the highest level of cooperation and respect with the design team as well. Our goal is to execute the design - whether aesthetic or structural - so that the architect's vision is fully brought to life, and the engineer's system is rigorously applied.

We strive to understand both the specifics of the plans and the spirit and intent of the architect's vision. We do not impose our own preferences on the design but rather work in service to the architect's.

It is an honor to participate in the rich and unique traditions of fine architecture in the Bay Area. We have worked on houses that were designed by such architects as Julia Morgan, John Galen Howard, and Bernard Maybeck's associate R.H.Broad. We regard our present day endeavors as a contribution to and continuation of these fine traditions.

In the Bay Area, because of earthquakes, structural integrity takes on special importance. It is critical that all of the engineering details are rigorously applied. We want to execute the structural design with such excellence that the engineer departs the job site smiling.

In short, we value opportunities to team up with architects, designers and engineers. Communication, respect, and creative collaboration are the hallmarks of our team efforts.



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